Ice Skating

Lake County offers 9 months of winter every year, with this characteristic ice skating is one of the most popular activities. The name Lake county is no fluke. Everywhere you look there is a lake present and frozen over. These make for unforgettable memories that will bring your family closer. 

Minnesota is the state of hockey and Lake County realizes that. Lake County offers 2 indoor full-size rinks with 2 beautiful outdoor rinks that include an indoor dressing room. You will also find that Two Harbors offers a skating rink at the Odegard park during the winter hours. Stop into Lake County to full fill all your skating needs.  

Two Harbors (Lake County Arena) 

Lake County Arena Schedule

Address: 301 8th Ave, Two Harbors, MN 55616 

Silver Bay (Rukavina Arena) 

Silver Bay Arena Schedule

Address: 129 Outer Dr, Silver Bay, MN 55614

Outdoor Rinks: *All rinks have indoor dressing rooms* 

Two Harbors Outdoor Rink: 301 8th Ave, Two Harbors, MN 55616 

The Two harbors outdoor rink is located behind the Lake County Arena. Follow the drive way to the back of the arena.  

Silver Bay Outdoor Rink: 129 Outer Dr, Silver Bay, MN 55614 

The Silver Bay public outdoor rink is located on the right side of the Rukavina arena. Park in the drive way and walk down the hill to the rink. 


Lake County Minnesota offers some of the nicest facilities in Minnesota to fly out of. Be sure to check out the Richard B Helgerson airport in Lake County that offer the best prices on fuel and storage the state has to offer.  

Do you have your private license? Are you wanting to stop in Two Harbors? Well, Lake County is here for you. Be sure to make a weekend or day trip up to the shore.  

The Richard B. Helgeson Airport is located 3 miles northwest of Two Harbors and provides pilots a great airport to use. Features of the Richard B. Helgeson Airport include full-service and self-service fuel and hangar rentals.

Fuel Prices – (as of April 30, 2018)
100 LL – $4.10/Gallon
91 OCT – $3.53/Gallon
Jet Fuel – $4.20/Gallon

Hangar Rentals – If you are interested in renting a hangar, please call City Hall at (218) 834-5631.

8-Unit Hangar – $130.00/Month
9-Unit Hangar – $130.00/Month
10-Unit Hangar – $130.00/Month
(1) Multi-Plane Hangar – $260.00/Month
(2) Garages – $80.00/Month
(3) Personal Hangars – Price Varies

For more information about the Richard B. Helgeson airport, please visit this webpage.


Lake County Minnesota has many places to picknick. Whether you want to be up north in Lake County or on the shore of Lake Superior you will find there is no such thing as a “bad view”. A few great places to have a picknick are in local parks or inland lakes. Most areas on the shore are perfect for a picknick. Some of these areas include Two Harbors Break Wall, Burlington Bay Beach, and Paul Van Hoven Park. There are other places around Lake County including Indian Lake and Knife River Marinna. Every place listed above offers picknick tables and or solid smooth areas where you could sit and eat a nice relaxing meal.

Two Harbors Break Wall (Agate Bay) – The view of Agate Bay is one of the most famous on the North Shore. Take a relaxing walk on the break wall and then sit down and have a good meal while watching a 1,000 ft. Oar boat roll in and out.

Address: 1 Lighthouse Point, Two Harbors, MN 55616

Burlington Bay Beach – Sometimes staring out into a vast amount of water is the most calming place to have a nice family picknick. Sit down and eat with the family while being just feet from Lake Superior.

Address: Burlington Road Two Harbors, MN 55616

Paul Van Hoven Park – Have you ever wanted to see the tug that built America. Well, this is your chance to overlook the historic Edna G. while you eat lunch. Take this chance to see a historic piece of equipment, pull up a picknick table, and let the kids loose. Enjoy this park and have a relaxing lunch.

Address: Paul Van Hoven Park, Two Harbors, MN 55616

Indian Lake – Indian Lake is an inland lake that allows visitors to camp. If you are looking for a day on the lake, with a low price of $14 per day, Indian Lake is a great place to stay and visit. Visitors are just a few feet from the water and allow you to fish and swim in the lake. For more information about Indian Lake visit their DNR webpage.

Address: Indian Lake Campground, Hwy 44, Brimson, MN 55602

Knife River Marina – This clean and up to date marina is a great place to watch boats go in and out. This is a great spot for a date with all the amenities to fit a family event. This area offers public bathrooms, fuel, and picknick tables. For more information about the Knife River Marina please visit their DNR webpage.

Address: 115 Marina Rd, Knife River, MN 55609

Black Beach Park – Black beach park is one of the most unique parks and beaches the North shore has to offer. Headed north from Silver Bay for about a mile you will run into Black beach park. This is a must-stop place whether you are there to picknick or just site see.

Address: Black Beach Park, Silver Bay, MN 55614

Lakeview National Golf Course

Lakeview National Golf Course was originally a nine-hole golf course, but in 1996, the golf course was renovated into an 18-hole golf course by Garret Gill. The course is known for playing tough but rewards players with stunning lake views on 14 of the 18 holes.

The front nine starts with a challenging set of 3 holes with a par 5, par 3, and another par 5. The next 3 holes will give golfers a challenging wilderness golf experience. It may be a better strategy to go for accuracy rather than distance since each of the fairways are at most 40 yards across. The last 3 holes open up a bit while you make your way back to the clubhouse to make the turn.

Before you make your way to the back nine, checkout the Lakeview Grill! The bar and grill feature a full bar as well as a menu which serves hamburgers, sandwiches, wraps, and other dinner baskets. Once you are refueled with some food and maybe a little bit of swing juice, you are ready to tackle the back nine.

The back nine starts with two holes that are fairly open, but soon you will find yourself back in the wilderness with tight fairways to shoot at. The back nine has several holes that have significant elevation changes from tee to green. You will also play three holes that “dogleg” this will require some strategy that goes into each shot.

We hope you take advantage of this beautiful course the next time you are on the North Shore. Lakeview National has superior golf with superior views.

History of Lake County

Lake County has a rich history and the best place to start should be prior to the Europeans coming to Minnesota. Lake County was largely inhabited by Native American groups. The to primary groups of people that lived here were the Dakota and Ojibwe. These groups of people relied largely upon hunting, fishing, and gathering in order to get enough food to survive. In the late 1600s, European explorers made their way to Lake County. Many of these explorers were fur traders and trappers.

Once Wisconsin had been granted statehood, the federal government made the Minnesota Territory in March 1849. The Minnesota Territory was originally divided into 9 counties in, with Lake County originally being called Superior County. In 1855, Lake County changed its name from Superior County to St. Louis County. After only a year the name of the county was changed again to Lake County in 1856. The name of St. Louis County was given to the previously known county of Newton where the St. Louis River runs into Lake Superior. After many name changes, Lake County had finally found its name that is known today.

The second half of of the 1800s was a time of change for Lake County. The discovery of iron ore in the Vermillion Range. This discovery resulted in the Duluth and Iron Range Railroad to extend up to the North Shore. Expansion of the railroad resulted in the incorporation of Two Harbors in 1888. That same year a vote was taken to make Two Harbors the county seat of Lake County.

While iron ore has been whats shaped a large part of the history of Two Harbors, there are other industries that have helped in forming the North Shore. Towards the end of the 1800s fishing became a hot industry which resulted in the immigration of Swedish and Norwegian immigrants to Lake County.

During the 1900s, Lake County had focused on the mining industry building infrastructure for transporting minerals. One of the first steel ore docks was built in 1907 in Two Harbors. One of the nations first Health Maintenance Organizations was created to help railroad employees with medical assistance.

History is always being written and it is exciting to see what will be next for Lake County.

Spring Video

Spring on the beautiful North Shore – visit Two Harbors, Mn – your adventure awaits you!


A picture is worth a thousand words, and Lake County has countless spots for you to take photographs that will stun everyone. Below you will find a list of great spots for you to take outstanding photographs around Lake County.

One of the best places to go and take photographs is the Boundry Water Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). The BWCAW is 1,000,000 acres of land that is isolated from all civilization. In the BWCAW you will find nature in its true form and you will be able to find places where few have been.

Palisade Head is located in Tettegouche State Park and is a large rock formation along Lake Superior. This rock formation provides a nice stage to take photographs of the shoreline of Lake Superior as well as taking photographs of the seemingly unending Lake Superior. If you happen to be taking photographs from the lake, Palisade Head is a breathtaking fixture along the shore of Lake Superior.

Check out the spectacular photography of Lyn Wermter.

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Another great photographer to check out is Gary Leeper.

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RV Parks

Lake County is a great destination for RV travelers. The beautiful views of Lake Superior will relax and calm visitors coming from near and far. Visit these RV Parks the next time you drive north to Lake County.

Penmarallter Campground

When driving north on Highway 61, the first RV campground you will find is the Penmarallter Campground. This campsite is “Mom and Pop” operated and provides guests with a great campground right near Lake Superior. The campground accommodates large RVs up to 50 ft. in length and all sites have a nice grassy lawn with picnic tables and a firepit. Other amenities offered for campers are Wi-Fi internet, shower house (hot showers and flush toilets), and a dump station. If you are traveling with a furry friend, leashed pets are allowed. For more information about Penmarallter Campsite, visit their website.

Burlington Bay Campground

When going through Two Harbors, check out the Burlington Bay Campground. Right alongside Highway 61, this campsite has 66 sites with water and electric hookups, there are 36 sites with water, electric and sewer hook-ups, and 34 sites with water, sewer, and 50 amp electric hook-ups. The Burlington Bay Campground also features Wi-Fi internet, dump station, and ice are also available on-site. Burlington Bay Campground also has a designated quiet time from 10 p.m. until 8 a.m, so don’t worry about relaxing. For more information about Burlington Bay Campground, visit their webpage.

Lamb’s Resort

If you are going further up the North Shore, visit Lamb’s Resort in Schroeder. It is a quiet family owned resort with 60 acresand more than a 1/2 mile of private Lake superior beach. The campground is located near popular destinations Tofte and Lutsen. The campgrounds property has the Cross River going through it which is a popular place to cool off with a swim. For more information about Lamb’s Resort, visit their website.

Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness

When you visit the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) you will be getting a true Minnesota wilderness experience. The BWCAW is 1,090,000 acres of pure nature that borders Canada. Some of the most popular activities in the BWCAW include hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking.

The BWCAW is one of the most visited wilderness areas in the United States, with about 250,000 yearly visitors. When you stay overnight at the BWCAW, permits are required. The BWCAW offers more than 2,000 backpack campsites and 12 different hiking trails.

For more informtion about the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, visit their website.


It’s no secret that Lake County has been built by the train industry. Whether you are looking for an afternoon ride up the shore from Duluth or wondering about how where all this taconite is being sent to, this is the place to be!

In 1907, Two Harbors finished building their train station. The large two-story depot was developed by the Duluth and Iron Range Railway, the station was utilized a transfer point for passengers and used for transporting lumber and mining supplies. The depot ended its passenger service in 1961 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

In 2002, the Duluth, Missabe, and Iron Range Railway became one of the largest iron ore handling railroad in America, consisting of 212 miles of track. The goal of the railroad was to transport the taconite from plants in the Missabe Range to dock facilities in Duluth and Two Harbors.

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