Fly on into Lake County and enjoy the amenities of the Richard B. Helgeson Municipal Airport.

Lake County Minnesota offers some of the nicest facilities in Minnesota to fly out of. Be sure to check out the Richard B Helgerson airport in Lake County that offer the best prices on fuel and storage the state has to offer.  

Do you have your private license? Are you wanting to stop in Two Harbors? Well, Lake County is here for you. Be sure to make a weekend or day trip up to the shore.  

The Richard B. Helgeson Airport is located 3 miles northwest of Two Harbors and provides pilots a great airport to use. Features of the Richard B. Helgeson Airport include full-service and self-service fuel and hangar rentals.

Fuel Prices – (as of April 30, 2018)
100 LL – $4.10/Gallon
91 OCT – $3.53/Gallon
Jet Fuel – $4.20/Gallon

Hangar Rentals – If you are interested in renting a hangar, please call City Hall at (218) 834-5631.

8-Unit Hangar – $130.00/Month
9-Unit Hangar – $130.00/Month
10-Unit Hangar – $130.00/Month
(1) Multi-Plane Hangar – $260.00/Month
(2) Garages – $80.00/Month
(3) Personal Hangars – Price Varies

For more information about the Richard B. Helgeson airport, please visit this webpage.

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