Ice Skating

Lace up the skates! Lake County has the rinks, come skate with us this winter!

Lake County offers 9 months of winter every year, with this characteristic ice skating is one of the most popular activities. The name Lake county is no fluke. Everywhere you look there is a lake present and frozen over. These make for unforgettable memories that will bring your family closer. 

Minnesota is the state of hockey and Lake County realizes that. Lake County offers 2 indoor full-size rinks with 2 beautiful outdoor rinks that include an indoor dressing room. You will also find that Two Harbors offers a skating rink at the Odegard park during the winter hours. Stop into Lake County to full fill all your skating needs.  

Two Harbors (Lake County Arena) 

Lake County Arena Schedule

Address: 301 8th Ave, Two Harbors, MN 55616 

Silver Bay (Rukavina Arena) 

Silver Bay Arena Schedule

Address: 129 Outer Dr, Silver Bay, MN 55614

Outdoor Rinks: *All rinks have indoor dressing rooms* 

Two Harbors Outdoor Rink: 301 8th Ave, Two Harbors, MN 55616 

The Two harbors outdoor rink is located behind the Lake County Arena. Follow the drive way to the back of the arena.  

Silver Bay Outdoor Rink: 129 Outer Dr, Silver Bay, MN 55614 

The Silver Bay public outdoor rink is located on the right side of the Rukavina arena. Park in the drive way and walk down the hill to the rink. 

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