Adventures in Lake County’s State Parks

When you are driving up Highway 61 alongside Lake Superior, you will come across three state parks; Gooseberry Falls State Park, Splitrock Lighthouse State Park, and Tettegouche State Park. Despite being within 20 miles of each other and all being on Lake Superior, all three of these state parks offers unique sights and experiences. If you have time on your North Shore trip, stop at all three!

The first state park you will come across is Gooseberry Falls State Park. You may think you will be able to see a really cool waterfall, but actually, Gooseberry Falls State Park has THREE waterfalls for you to view. Appropriately named the upper, middle, and lower falls; there are several trails for you to hike on and get to these different waterfalls. If you love Gooseberry Falls and do not feel like leaving, you can camp in the park with the purchase of a camping permit.

For more information on Gooseberry Falls State Park, visit their DNR Webpage.

The next State Park to visit on your adventure up the North Shore is Splitrock Lighthouse State Park. This state park is famous for the iconic brick lighthouse that overlooks Lake Superior. The lighthouse was built in 1905 in reaction to the Mataafa Storm, where 29 ships were destroyed. The history of the state park is truly unique and there are tours of the lighthouse for visitors. If you are interested in the history of Lake Superior and the North Shore, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park should be on your list of places to stop!

For more information on Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, visit their DNR Webpage.

Tettegouche State Park is a hotspot for climbers and hikers. There is a total of 22 miles of hiking trails in the park, as well as access to the Superior Hiking Trail. If you are more of a climber you should turn your direction to Palisade Head. Palisade Head is a cliff formation along Lake Superior. During the Summer and Fall, you may find several climbers scaling the side of the cliff. Tettegouche State Park is the place to stop for some of the best views of the North Shore.

For more information on Tettegouche State Park, visit their DNR Webpage.