Fat Biking in Lake County

Just because there is snow on the ground doesn’t mean that you don’t have the opportunity to get some great exercise.  Fat biking is the way to go if you want to get outside and see some beautfiful winter trails.

One of the hotspots to check out is the Lake County Demonstration Forest.  The Demonstration Forest features 5.3 miles of trails to ride along.  There are three machine-groomed trails as well as one ungroomed trail.  For more information about Fat Biking in the Demonstration Forest, please visit their webpage.

If you are looking at fat biking along Lake Superior, look no further than Split Rock Lighthouse. This State Park has 8.7 miles of groomed trails that are perfect for not only fat biking, but snowshoeing, skate-skiing, and winter hiking.  Along with fat biking, Split Rock Lighthouse has many other fun winter activities to participate in.  For more information about Split Rock Lighthouse State Park in the winter, visit this webpage.

Don’t have a fat bike? Don’t worry!  Spokengear in Two Harbors has bike rentals and you can learn more about their selection here!

Have fun in the snow and stay warm!

What’s Happening this Weekend in Lake County?

Fall is always a fun time to go out and enjoy the weather before it gets a little bit too cold outside.  This weekend there are several fun activities around the area for you to participate in!

The weekly Meat Raffle is on Friday, October 25th. American Legion hosts the event from 5 – 6 PM.  The event is fun to get together with friends and win some delicious friends!

Every weekend Castle Danger has brewery tours on Fridays and Saturdays that let take a peek behind the curtain of your favorite local beer.  The tour lasts for 30 minutes and costs $5 to tour.  All proceeds from brewery tours are donated to the local food shelf.  For more information visit the Castle Danger website.

Kamloops is having live music on Friday night from 8 – 11 PM.  Stop by and enjoy delicious food and listen to awesome music.  It is a great time to spend with friends and family.

2019 Fall Fest!

On October 31st (Halloween), the Two Harbors Community partners will be hosting their 2019 Fall Fest!  The event is being hosted at the Two Harbors Community Center from 1-3 PM and will be open to anyone interested in attending.  Join the fun which will include cupcakes, beverages, and Norwegian Bingo.  Since the Fall Fest lands on Halloween, attendees can dress up in costume, but it is not mandatory.  If you are interested in attending you need to RSVP before Friday, October 25th by calling (218) 834-8024.  It is going to be a fun community event and we hope you can join everyone at the 2019 Fall Fest!

What’s Going on This Week in Lake County?

It is starting to get to that time of year where we are more inclined to button up each time we leave the house. Despite the colder weather, there are still plenty of fun activities that are going on this week. 

The first special event to take note of is Tuesday Trivia Mafia! This will be a fun night of trivia at Castle Danger Brewery on Tuesday night from 6 – 7 pm. Get your team together and meet us at the Brewery! For more information click here. 

Wednesday night is the Chamber After Hours event hosted by Amy Jordahl from State Farm and Chrissy Scandin from Northern Nights and Dept. Two. This event will feature snacks and beverages from 5 – 6:15pm at State Farm Insurance. Afterward, s’mores will be served at Northern Lights from 6:15 – 8pm. All Chamber members are invited to this event and is a great opportunity to network with local business owners! For more information click here! 

For every event on our calendar and information please click here. 

September Networking Breakfast

The Lake County Chamber of Commerce is hosting another networking breakfast this Friday (Sept. 13th). The breakfast is at Kamloops from 8 – 9:30. This is a great opportunity for local professionals to connect with each other in a casual environment. It’s a great place to introduce yourself and share what is going on with your business.

Register for the breakfast here!

Leaf Watching 2019

With summer wrapping up, it is time to look forward to Autumn. Football is back, the air is crisp, and the leaves on the trees are just starting to turn colors. The changing colors bring plenty of people to the North Shore, so where is the best place to get some fantastic views of fall colors?

Some of the fall color hotspots are three of the state parks along Highway 61; Gooseberry State Park, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, and Tettegouche State Park. These parks have well-kept trails that make hiking into the wilderness more approachable.

The truth is, no matter where you go on the North Shore, you will have an excellent time watching the fall colors. Go out and adventure!

Weekend Music

Last week I wrote about the last concert of the season for the Two Harbors City Band, but there is still a bunch of live music happening this weekend!

Castle Danger Brewery will be having two live performances during the weekend. On Friday, Dave Cofell will be playing progressive folk, blues, and originals. This concert starts at 7 pm and Dave will be playing until 9 pm. There will be more music at Castle Danger Brewery on Saturday when Americana duo Pushing Chain plays at 2 pm until 4 pm.

Another great place to catch some live music is at Kamloops Restaurant in Superior Shore Resort. Each Friday through October Kamloops has live music from 8 pm- 11 pm. Be sure to stop by each week for great food and great music.

If you will be closer to Duluth, stop by the Boat Club Restaraunt and Bar on Friday for live music performed by Maxi Childs Trio. Their performance starts at 6 pm and they will be performing until 11 pm.

Lake County Chamber of Commerce Golf Scramble

It was a rainy Monday morning, but the chamber member golfers did not shy away. After a crazy rainstorm and an hour delay, the Lake County Chamber of Commerce Golf Scramble was underway! The event brought many local businesses together for a great networking event that raised money for the Chamber of Commerce.

Each hole was sponsored by a business member of the Chamber of Commerce. While teams waited on the tee box, there were games and prizes for teams to play and win. The games also ended up with you having the opportunity to improve how you play the golf hole.

Despite the rainy morning, the afternoon was warm and beautiful. Once all of the teams had finished their round of golf, everyone went inside to enjoy steaks for dinner. Prizes and awards were handed out, and everyone was able to have a chance to visit with each other.

Thank you to all who participated, sponsored, and volunteered in the Lake County Chamber of Commerce Golf Scramble. It was a great event and we cannot wait until next year!

A Beautiful Week in Lake County

After living in Lake County for a decent amount of time, I have realized that you need to take full advantage of weeks like this. The forecast looks sunny and warm in the 80s along the North Shore. This weather will allow everyone to experience the whole North Shore to it’s fullest potential! Here are some fun things to do while the weather is great.

Taking a hike down by the waterfront in Two Harbors is one of my favorite places to walk around. Most people walk out onto the Breakwall, which extends a quarter of a mile into Agate Bay! If you time your hike, you may be able to see a huge “Laker” come into harbor to get loaded up on minerals to take back through the Saint Lawrence Seaway. The other place to hike is onto the rocky beaches by Burlington Bay. There, you can sit and watch waves crash into huge rock formations that can create a pretty spectacular water show.

How often do you get to go picnic? Probably not enough! Two Harbors features several parks with large green space. Picnicking is fun for the whole family and allows everyone to enjoy a meal in the fresh air. Want to do some exercise? Bring a ball and use the green space to play games. There are plenty of great places to picnic all around Lake County, check out these hotspots for picnicking.

If you are going further up the North Shore, stop by Black Beach in Silver Bay. Black Beach is a great Lake Superior swim spot. Keep in mind that the water may still be a little chilly, but compared to other spots on Lake Superior this is a great place to take a dip! If you are daring, you can climb the huge rock formation that is across from the beach.

Of course, there is way more to do in Lake County on a beautiful week like this, but that’s the great thing about the North Shore, there is always something to discover. Enjoy the fantastic weather!

Adventures in Lake County’s State Parks

When you are driving up Highway 61 alongside Lake Superior, you will come across three state parks; Gooseberry Falls State Park, Splitrock Lighthouse State Park, and Tettegouche State Park. Despite being within 20 miles of each other and all being on Lake Superior, all three of these state parks offers unique sights and experiences. If you have time on your North Shore trip, stop at all three!

The first state park you will come across is Gooseberry Falls State Park. You may think you will be able to see a really cool waterfall, but actually, Gooseberry Falls State Park has THREE waterfalls for you to view. Appropriately named the upper, middle, and lower falls; there are several trails for you to hike on and get to these different waterfalls. If you love Gooseberry Falls and do not feel like leaving, you can camp in the park with the purchase of a camping permit.

For more information on Gooseberry Falls State Park, visit their DNR Webpage.

The next State Park to visit on your adventure up the North Shore is Splitrock Lighthouse State Park. This state park is famous for the iconic brick lighthouse that overlooks Lake Superior. The lighthouse was built in 1905 in reaction to the Mataafa Storm, where 29 ships were destroyed. The history of the state park is truly unique and there are tours of the lighthouse for visitors. If you are interested in the history of Lake Superior and the North Shore, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park should be on your list of places to stop!

For more information on Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, visit their DNR Webpage.

Tettegouche State Park is a hotspot for climbers and hikers. There is a total of 22 miles of hiking trails in the park, as well as access to the Superior Hiking Trail. If you are more of a climber you should turn your direction to Palisade Head. Palisade Head is a cliff formation along Lake Superior. During the Summer and Fall, you may find several climbers scaling the side of the cliff. Tettegouche State Park is the place to stop for some of the best views of the North Shore.

For more information on Tettegouche State Park, visit their DNR Webpage.