A Beautiful Week in Lake County

After living in Lake County for a decent amount of time, I have realized that you need to take full advantage of weeks like this. The forecast looks sunny and warm in the 80s along the North Shore. This weather will allow everyone to experience the whole North Shore to it’s fullest potential! Here are some fun things to do while the weather is great.

Taking a hike down by the waterfront in Two Harbors is one of my favorite places to walk around. Most people walk out onto the Breakwall, which extends a quarter of a mile into Agate Bay! If you time your hike, you may be able to see a huge “Laker” come into harbor to get loaded up on minerals to take back through the Saint Lawrence Seaway. The other place to hike is onto the rocky beaches by Burlington Bay. There, you can sit and watch waves crash into huge rock formations that can create a pretty spectacular water show.

How often do you get to go picnic? Probably not enough! Two Harbors features several parks with large green space. Picnicking is fun for the whole family and allows everyone to enjoy a meal in the fresh air. Want to do some exercise? Bring a ball and use the green space to play games. There are plenty of great places to picnic all around Lake County, check out these hotspots for picnicking.

If you are going further up the North Shore, stop by Black Beach in Silver Bay. Black Beach is a great Lake Superior swim spot. Keep in mind that the water may still be a little chilly, but compared to other spots on Lake Superior this is a great place to take a dip! If you are daring, you can climb the huge rock formation that is across from the beach.

Of course, there is way more to do in Lake County on a beautiful week like this, but that’s the great thing about the North Shore, there is always something to discover. Enjoy the fantastic weather!