Each Spring in Lake County we get greeted by birds that migrate back to the north.  It gives us the chance to appreciate these birds until they go back south for the winter.  When visiting Lake County be sure to check out these birding spots.

Two Harbors Lighthouse Point provides bird watchers a prime location to spot birds. Species include Red-winged Blackbird, Ring-billed Gull, Blue Jay. This area gives visitors a great opportunity to see birds as well as enjoy beautiful Lake Superior.

While Castle Danger is associated with premium craft beer, roughly 10 miles northeast of Two Harbors is another birding hotspot. Birds you may find here include Canada Goose, American Goldfinch, and Savannah Sparrow to name a few. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery and spot a few birds in Castle Danger.

Moving further up the North Shore you will find Gooseberry State Park. A great place to hike and also see some spectacular birds. Here you may find the American Redstart, Oven Bird, Northern Flicker, and the American Robin. When you walk on the trails in Gooseberry State Park you will find a wide variety of birds.

These aren’t the only places to go birding in Lake County and you will be sure to find beautiful birds anytime you go for a hike in Lake County. Be sure to go and explore for birds when in Lake County.